February 10, 2022 - April 9, 2022

Sofía Quirno – I Went There

Curated by Agustin Schang. With poems by Valeria Meiller and sound-intervention by Kyla-Rose Smith.

“There” is one of the places you can go without adding “to”.  

With many other places, the preposition “to” follows, indicating a one-of-a-kind spot that cannot be mistaken for any other location; or “to the” when referring to a particular site out of a larger group. When ‘places‘ goes alone, this suggests directions to travel, similar to prepositions and geographical directives, prompting navigational paths that could end in unexpected rides.  

From doodling sessions with the TV switched on, to common findings on the cityscape while circling around, to reflective conversations with soul specialists, the multiple routes of Sofia Quirno’s everyday associations are presented through a selection of new work. Numerous paintings that could ambiguously become sculptures, close to fragments of thoughts combined into set-pieces and built objects, occupy the Gallery’s space revealing and examining how it feels to be an individual living and working today.

I Went There comes from a quest to acknowledge and expose. Grappling with themes of existence, longing, femininity, and spiritual life, Quirno uses paint, ink, paper, new and found materials to suggest a world inhabited with unconventional figurations, metaphors, and entanglements. Exposing what is heard from; the mind and inner voices with irony, the group of displayed pieces intends to question existing structures, vulnerability, and the sayings of the commonplace. And occupied with the ambivalences of chance and decision in personal existence – a continuous self-interrogated system of meaning – this crowd is simultaneously facing outwards, presenting communication and exchange, supported by structures that ease these encounters.

The exhibition reinterprets the quotidian landscape of life, highlighting the perception of extracurricular experiences and, in particular, the animated and complex occurrences encountered by the simple act of going around. Sometimes wandering and going places, from here to there, and from there to here, could be fairly exhausting and arduous. So make sure you bring some music and poetry. And some padding between you and the outside world.

– Agustin Schang


Beatriz Morales

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Praxis New York
10 am - 6 pm hrs.

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