February 25, 2016 - April 2, 2016

Sofía Quirno

Calendar Day

Sofía Quirno – Calendar Day Curated by Verónica Flom   Fifteen or twenty children sit in a circle. One of them thinks up a sentence as short or as long as they would like and whispers it secretly to the child sitting closest who in turn transmits it to the next one. In this manner the message is delivered around the room, mouth to mouth, ear to ear. Since it is forbidden to repeat it, the sentence will most likely be altered, disfiguring itself to the point of complete transformation, becoming another sentence all together, perhaps with little to do with the original. That is why the game is called Broken Telephone*, quite popular among kids all over the world, or at least in Argentina, where Sofía Quirno was born and raised. Just as in the game, the pieces in this exhibition communicate with each other in a way that leads to a trail of misunderstandings. The series does not intend to establish a meaning or an order, but the point is to create a fluidity that proposes a sense of dislocation. The connection between the works avoids a unique narrative, inviting the viewer to find their own personal interpretation. For Quirno, the most interesting aspects of reality are those we don’t understand, that brush the heart of uncertainty. Before facing the canvas or the paper, the artist gathers images from magazines and newspapers which she absorbs, reinterprets, deforms and transforms, separating everyday elements from their usual context. Another preliminary procedure consists of appropriating visual situations that appear insignificant, and not at all spectacular: a paper fluttering on the sidewalk, a spot on the subway wall, a pillow on the floor, the legs of a night table. Any of these instances can prompt a work. The rhythm of brush strokes turns each starting point into a different object, barely recognizable, barely an object. The final result is not necessarily important, since it only portrays an instant within an intricate process of transformation. Quirno steps in and out of painting. Drawings, paintings, animations, videos, everything combined and superimposed is accepted in the space. Her installations include precarious elements, materials that are at hand which she finds in her workplace or maybe lost in the streets. She even reuses the idiosyncrasy of the studio or the exhibition space. The artist usually focuses on one palette, not necessarily cold, but wintry, made up of the shades one can see through the window on a winter’s day. The name of this show, Calendar Day, suggests a day of homage to the calendar, as if that single day contained the entire year. It invites us to consider that a work can contain allworks, or perhaps that they are all one and the same painting, merely different phases of a single, long process. *In England and the US the game is called Telephone or Chinese whispers. Broken Telephone is the translation of the name given to it in Argentina and other Latin American countries.   BIO Education 2013 – 2015      Parsons, The New School, New York – MFA Visual Arts. 2002 – 2006      Instituto Universitario Nacional de Artes (IUNA), Buenos Aires, Argentina – BA /unfinished 2002     Fundación José Ortega y Gasset, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Diploma in Cultural Managment and Patrimony 1997 – 2002      Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Bachelor degree in International Studies residencies and awards 2015     Student Senate Grant, Parsons, The New School, NY, United States 2013     Artist in residence at Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, United States Deans Merit Scholarship Award, Parsons The New School of Design, NY, United Sates 2012     Robert Sterling Clark Fellowship- Artist in residence at Vermont Studio Arts Center, Vermont, United States Artist in residence at Pantocrátor Gallery- La Pan, Barcelona, Spain 2010     Artist in residence at Triangle Artists Workshop, NY, United States Artist in residence at Spark Box Studio, Ontario, Canada 2005     Premio de grabado, Fundación Octubre, Buenos Aires Argentina   commisions 2014     Moth Ball Woman Shrinks on the Radiator, Praxis Gallery, NY, United States   solo shows 2016     Calendar Day, Praxis Gallery, NY, United States 2015     Sunny Side Up, Sleep Center, NY, United States 2013     Entre lineas, ArteBA, Central de Proyectos, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2012     Serendipia, Galería Cobra, Buenos Aires, Argentina Tapeando, Pantocrátor Gallery- La pan, Barcelona, Spain 2011     Un día sin lluvia, Paseo Cultural Carlos Núñez, Buenos Aires, Argentina, curated by Leonel Luna 2010     Saltando baldosas, Galería Central de Proyectos, Buenos Aires, Argentina Hay gato encerrado, This is not a Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina, curated by Carlos Baragli. group shows 2015     Art15, Praxis Gallery, London, UK Art Miami, Praxis Gallery, NY, United States Off Pink, Parsons 2015 MFA Thesis Show, The Kitchen, NY, United States Proyecto Bonzo, Casa Uno, Buenos Aires, Argentina Videosnack, Regina Rex, NY, United States LA Art Show, Praxis Gallery, LA, United States 2014     Do you see the Picture? Praxis Gallery, NY, United States Videorover: Season 8, Nurture Art, NY, United States, curated by Rachel Steinberg The Set, 25 East Gallery, Parsons The New School for Design, NY, United States 2013     Riña de gallos, Galeria Rusia, Tucuman, Argentina Artist in residence at Online Morning Drawing Residency, curatorial project of Gabriela Vainsencher Secret Admirer, 2971 24th St, San Francisco, United States. Project curated by Miguel Arzabe 2012     Colorama, Vermont Studio Arts Center, Vermont, United States Soñar despierta, Centro Cultural San José, Olavarria, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2011     Mil hojas,  Isla Flotante, Buenos Aires, Argentina Trusput, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2010     Segundo Video Encuentro Proyectista Colombia- Argentina, Oficina Proyectista, Buenos Aires, Argentina Galería Bisagra, Buenos Aires, Argentina Triangle Arts open Studio, DUMBO Arts Festival, NY, United States. La memoria de las cosas, Central de proyectos, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2009     Estado Civil, Perón 3432, Buenos Aires, Argentina, curated by Fabiana Barreda La Fugaz 3, Centro de Expresiones Contemporáneas (CEC), Rosario, Argentina. 54-11, Perón 3432, Buenos Aires, Argentina, curated by Valeria Gonzales 2008     Moving Targets, Proyecto Ace, Buenos Aires, Argentina Sin titulo, Galería Crimson, Buenos Aires, Argentina Experiencias, espacio Dietrich, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2007     Display, Galería Crimson, Buenos Aires, Argentina Embajada Argentina, Islamabaad, Pakistan Argentine Painting, Lahore Museum, Lahore, Pakistan Galería GV, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2006     Perisferica Feria de Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2005     Art Vision 06, Fundación Rosemblum, Buenos Aires, Argentina Muestra Premio de grabado, Fundacion Octubre, Buenos Aires Argentina


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