June 1, 2017 - July 8, 2017

Maria Maggiori


In this new body of work, through my drawings, I delve deeper into the physical aspect of repetition, the limits of the contention-structure and the spatial relationship between both.

Despite the existence today of more effective reproduction methods, I find that to repeat infinitely as a pattern and to draw, with the gesture of my hand, elements such as the line and the point, is an act which is at once subversive, rebellious and disturbing.

In close relation with the techniques of engraving, printing and drawing practices, I become a human printer, facing the duality between the serial reproduction o a plot and the unique gesture of the hand guiding the brush, the savoir faire and the endless desire to draw. I insist on the boundaries between the image, the containment of the surface and the structure as an integral part of my work. The drawings occupy space, as do the silences, which become equally relevant in my work.

#inbetween indicates that something or someone completely inhabits some point that separates two things or is located in the middle of them; it alludes to the physical place as well as to time.

The works gathered in this exhibit reveal the search to establish, from the drawing, relationships that are responsible for translating spatial perceptions into lines and exposing that intermediate stage of potentially unstable transition between the materials that make it up.

The drawings are fragmented, broken, tense, or dropped by their own weight.

The line draws a boundary that separates and does not clarify whether it is the beginning or the end.

The landscape emerges and is built to embrace the distance and the mountain emerges not as a simple symbol of nature but reverses the perspective internalizing the outside world.

This exhibition refers to positioning yourself from a certain place. The difficulty of being at the right distance, and seeing and feeling involved.

Maria Maggiori, 2017


Beatriz Morales

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Praxis New York
10 am - 6 pm hrs.

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