January 8, 2015 - February 20, 2015

Luis Mallo


Luis Mallo presents in this exhibition a group of visually arresting images meant to stimulate us to question notions of familiarity. With this series Mallo wants us to understand that the manner in which we perceive our surroundings is contingent by nature. Most of what we see and experience is illusory and therefore, deceptive. His scenes reveal this illusory nature by offering partially concealed and most often perplexing representations of the surrounding landscape and its various props.

For Mallo, Interruptions is not an outcome, but a vital process, a way of looking that may offer a fresh perspective. As previously done with other series, he invites us to look deeper and unearth that which lies latently waiting to be discovered under the veil of familiarity.

“Mallo forces us to see again, and having seen his photographs, our gaze on the everyday is permanently altered, by the significance of our own framing gaze, and the intuition of the unseen. This photographic syntax is unsentimental and profoundly meditative, and Mallo disciplines the viewer into practicing a phenomenology of seeing, a discipline of recognition forged from the fleeting poetics of everyday life.”

Ana Dopico


Beatriz Morales

Open from:

Praxis New York
10 am - 6 pm hrs.

USA+1 212 772 9478


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