June 8, 2023 - August 25, 2023

Hoesy Corona

Climatic Shocks

Climatic Shocks
A solo exhibition by Hoesy Corona – Praxis NY, June 2023

Throughout history, the unfolding of humankind has been in search of improved conditions. From prehistoric times, our ancestors embarked on migrations driven by the need for food, conflicts, or the pursuit of better opportunities. Immigration, one could argue, is an intrinsic aspect of our essence, a fundamental impulse that seems to have faded from the consciousness of a great part of our society in recent times. Working in a variety of mediums, Hoesy Corona, brings this issue to the forefront, exploring the complex interaction between humanity and the environment, with a particular focus on the ever-shifting climate and its profound effects on our habitats and migratory patterns.
In Climate Ponchos, Corona portrays silhouettes of traveling immigrants contrasting with vibrant floral backdrops, carrying their belongings across diverse landscapes in search of a brighter future. Based on the archetype of the Traveler, the artist depicts the waves of displacement occurring as a consequence of the damage caused to our environment, while at the same time, celebrating the resplendence and vibrancy of flora and the boundless power of Nature. By weaving together the narratives of these enigmatic figures, whose identities are shrouded in mystery, Corona prompts us to reflect on the urgent need for empathy and collective action.
In the same way, The Plant People series does not reveal who these figures are, however, we can see their faces. Plants and flowers are coming out of their heads, emphasizing the interconnectedness of our behaviors and that we humans are also nature, though, in recent times, our bodies and experiences have almost completely strayed away from it.
As the title suggests, climatic shocks amplify in intensity with each passing year, disrupting lives and dislodging individuals from their homes. The exhibition emphasizes the universal character of climate-induced displacement, transcending social classes and borders. What would happen if what we are taking for granted about Nature; the air we breathe, being outdoors, the season of the year that we enjoy the most, ceased to exist in the place we inhabit?

Sofia Festa, 2023.


Beatriz Morales

Open from:

Praxis New York
10 am - 6 pm hrs.

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