Esteban Pastorino

Praxis International Artis pleased to present Timetraces, the solo exhibition by Esteban Pastorino (b. 1972,…

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Cristina Camacho’s Cut Canvases Have a Life of their Own

In the show at Praxis, Camacho’s surfaces twist, protrude, and droop, resembling gaping Venus fly…

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Lucia Fainzilber: Women Crush Wednesday

I need to have something that I need to discover or identify through the process…

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Marela Zacarías’s Work Finds A Good Home

What happens to an artist’s work after it leaves a museum? Artist Marela Zacarías moves…

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Marela Zacarias Goes Big & Goes Home

What does an artist bring to a homecoming? Working in her Bedford–Stuyvesant studio, artist Marela…

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