Lucía Fainzilber | The Museum at FIT

Food & Fashion at The Museum at FIT

Featuring more than 80 garments and accessories, this exhibition examines how food has influenced fashion design from the 18th century through today. Beyond merely displaying clothes with cuisine-related motifs, “Food & Fashion” promises a thoughtful analysis of consumerism, gender, sustainability, activism, and body politics. Designed to emulate a sprawling food hall, the main gallery highlights 10 themes: among them, “Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice?” explores how sweets have been used to represent idealized femininity, and the “Growing Alternative” section discusses how slow fashion is inspired by slow food and future-driven techniques, such as regenerative farming. Standout pieces in the show range from Comme des Garçons’s spring 2018 dress featuring Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s 1590 food portrait of Emperor Rudolf II to Issey Miyake’s 20th anniversary “bento box” of pleated accessories rolled as sushi. This exhibition will provide not only a feast for the eyes, but plenty of food for thought. September 13 to November 26.