Artnet News | Zona Maco Art Fair | Josefina Concha E.

Mexico City’s Zona Maco Fair Showcases an Eclectic Range, From Poignant Photographs to Provocative Textiles

The biggest Latin American art fair, Zona Maco opened its 19th edition this week in Mexico City. It’s a decidedly international affair, with galleries hailing from 29 countries. But with 51 percent of the 216 exhibitors coming from Mexico, there is an unmistakable regional flair. “You can feel that it has Latin American personality,” said the fair’s artistic director Juan Canela. “This is something we work for.”

Praxis gallery dedicated their booth to Chilean artist Josefina Concha E.’s exquisite craft and ethereal vision. She’ll be having a solo show at the gallery’s New York outpost in April, and specializes in intricately handwoven, sculptural tapestries that riff on female embodiment and empowerment. Some were suspended from the ceiling and floated, ghostlike; others tumbled amorphously from the wall. By the second day of the fair, a midrange piece was acquired for between $20,000 and $25,000, and others had received deserved buzz.

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