Art currently | Domesticanx at El Museo Del Barrio

Melissa Misla is included in the museum's group show

The idea of “domesticana”, coined by artist, scholar, and critic Amalia Mesa-Bains in the 1990s, describes the intersection of domestic and cultural experiences in the Chicano community, expanding upon the theory of rasquachismo.

Domesticanx is a thought-provoking exploration of the home as a space for healing, spirituality, self-realization, and resistance in Latinx communities, providing a rich and nuanced view of Latinx identity and culture. Tempkin explains, “Audiences seem to really be identifying with the works on display, recognizing aspects of their home environments in the Misla’s paintings for example. It is also exciting to see how younger audiences seem to respond to the show based on Instagram stories and posts they are sharing.

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