Sofia Quirno in Tussle Project Absence and Presence

Absence and Presence, curated by Laura Horne

Sarah Davidson
Catherine Haggarty
Sofia Quirno
Nishiki Sugawara-Beda

This project investigates what is not there and what is, through the theme of absence and presence encompassing loss/belonging, disappearance/closeness, omission/creation, erasure/validation. When there is a lack of matter (visually) absence becomes a standard that is there as an implication of an event or object. When certain objects are present (visually) we are reminded of what is not there by their presence. Absence and presence become parallels existing at the same time in the void.


Sofia Quirno

Grappling with themes of existence, longing, femininity, and spiritual life, Quirno uses paint, ink, paper, new and found materials to suggest a world inhabited with unconventional figurations, metaphors, and entanglements. Exposing what is heard from; the mind and inner voices with irony, the group of displayed pieces intends to question existing structures, vulnerability, and the sayings of the commonplace.

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