(Español) (English) stairwayLINE_W25NY

04_Claudia_ Vieira

Sobre a exposição

(Español) (English) stairwayLINE_W25NY

Exhibindo Artista:

Claudia Vieira occupies the stairwell at Praxis Gallery combining her intuitive yet rigorous sense of space through sustained movements of her body.

Improvised on site,  the organic continuos line oscilates between the sheets of drawing paper and wall surfaces bringing the viewer an experience through the history of art: from Kurt Shwitters’s Merzbau (c.1923), Hans Hoffman’s “push pull” to Sol Lewitt’s conceptual wall drawings. 

Her repetitive and entropic rule of line, form and surface subvert the role of ‘figure’ and ground creating a fluid and organically structured space.