Ivan Toth Depeña


Artist Statement

I am interested in pursuing (both as a process and a means of learning) a true intersection between different disciplines. What holds my attention is the more illusive moment of “fusion” when developing my work and installations. It is the moment where different forms of creative thought, production and exhibition are indistinguishable from one another, that I find rewarding. I am constantly in search of the harmonic moment in my work when the various disciplines I pursue come together seamlessly.


Regarding process and inspiration for “making”, I am absorbed in combining the ideas of chance and intention as both mechanism and inspiration in my studio output. Surprise can come from the accident, the anomaly or the serendipitous. But the unforeseen can also come from careful planning and rule structure (I.E. John Cage). I implement both methods mentioned above to establish a neutral ground where I then begin to overlay my marks. This process is repeated via layering until the result is something that, for me, has the right combination of both planned and random results.


My work starts with an idea that in turn renders the final media in which it is to be produced with. Variety keeps me interested and also keeps me learning. I use the amalgamation of advanced fabrication methods and traditional, hands on techniques to explore new ways of interpreting, creating and experimenting with material output. I enjoy coupling machine and human to create layered and often unpredictable results. My work encompasses painting, drawing, light, video, photography, architecture, sculpture, interactivity and installation. Sometimes singularly and other times all at once.

In terms of research, I continue to study and look for new methods in my studio practice. The combination recently developed methodologies and traditional media, the translation of 2D work into 3D sculptural work, the use of generative form development and rapid prototyping in sculptural practice, the developing ideas of interactivity into public art, sculptural installations and architectural spaces… All of these vehicles play an active role and form the infrastructure of my creative process. I am always interested in finding new ways of implementing these constructs to develop innovative, conceptual foundations for my work.