Flores encontradas

Flores encontradas


Flores encontradas

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Flores encontradas

Praxis is pleased to present Flores encontradas, the solo exhibition by Martín La Rosa (b. 1972,

Buenos Aires, Argentina).

A reception to celebrate the opening will be held at 541 West 25th Street, NY, NY 10001, on Thursday,

November 3rd, 2016 from 6 to 8 pm.

“The instant the stem surfaces, it grows in one direction, a line of power that crystallizes in a bud. Soon,

from that bud, leaves and petals form, hatch, and take the shape of a winding curve, choosing a certain

color, a certain scent. Nothing can now stop them from arriving at that distinctive signature, that desire

to become realized, to draw sustenance from the ground, but also from the wind, the dew, and the rays of

sunlight. All of that to reach the fullness of their being, a fullness established when still a seed, from a very

distant beginning, from—it could be said—eternity.”

Francois Cheng, The Way of Beauty: Five Meditations for Spiritual Transformation.

The simple that is also complex, fragility, and the passage of time.

Simple approaches, excuses to paint a light of beauty in difficult times.

A light, a glimmer, a transparency in its purest state; a color, an absence.

Genuine synthesis of life.

In these “found flowers” that I stumbled upon, I discover a portrait, nature, a landscape, and my own

dialogue with them.

Martín La Rosa

“…the successive states of a presence—any presence, internal or external—as minutes, hours, months,

and years go by. Becoming aware of that succession is what gives the world meaning, not the meaning that

our desire might choose, but the meaning of things as they are.”

“Understanding that things both are and are not: that is what evidences the meaning of the world. A thing—

anything at all—but also its image painted. Even though they appear unchanging and resting, they are, despite

that apparent firmness, the discreet theater where a vertiginous scene is represented at each instance.”

Juan José Saer, Place, The Visible

Praxis was founded in 1977. With locations in New York and Buenos Aires, our mission is to

bring the compelling creativity and imagination of Latin American contemporary art forward

to a worldwide audience.

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