María Santi

The Commonplace Can Be Extraordinary

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The Commonplace Can Be Extraordinary

Exhibiting Artist:

Maria Santi


Maria Santi 

The Commonplace Can Be Extraordinary

Site Specific 

By merging seemingly incompatible worlds, I create spatial compositions that generate poetic images; new experiential environments where fiction and reality meet and, little by little, emerge.

I alter images of nature and explore the sixth sense or instinct of the natural world, as well as the primordial sense of purity and beauty it contains.

My work is based on  the notion of instinct as the intimate and immediate perception of an idea or situation with no logical reasoning. I place emphasis on the ambiguous nature of images that can be understood in different ways or give rise to different interpretations and, in so doing, I uphold uncertainty.

These works veer inward, a natural respite where another time reigns.

Images that pull the gaze in. The possibility of sinking slowly into silent underwater worlds.

MARIA SANTI was born in La Plata in 1970.
In 1993, she received a degree in art with a major in painting from the Universidad Nacional de La Plata’s School of Fine Arts.
2014 She received a post-graduate degree in Media and Technologies for Pictorial Production; critique classes with Tulio de Sagastizábal. 2013 Critique classes with Fabiana Barreda. 2010-2011 Escuela de Proyectos. Galeria Arte x Arte, Buenos Aires. 2009 Seminar in contemporary art with Valeria Gonzalez, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires; Installation workshop with artist Marta Ares. Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, 2006-2007 Critique classes with artist Ana Eckell. 2002-2003 Critique classes with artist Eduardo Médici. 1999 Seminar in polyester resin  with artist Nicola Constantino. 

Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales. Medium: Drawing, Palais de Glace. Buenos Aires. Summa Madrid. Galería Casa Cuadrada. Bogotá; 2013 Cosmos Colectivo. Buenos Aires. Concurso “200 años de la Moneda” Gran Premio Banco Provincia – Drawing. Buenos Aires. 2012 Mindscapes. Show at Galería Praxis, Buenos Aires. 101 Edición. Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales. Painting. Palais de Glace. 2011 La Zona. Show at Galería Arte x Arte. Buenos Aires. 2010 Show “Quizás te quedes un rato”. Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Group show, Escuela de Proyectos, Galería Isidro Miranda, Buenos Aires. 2009 Solo show, Fundación Lebensohn, Buenos Aires. Group show. Galeria Isidro Miranda, San Telmo, Buenos Aires. Premio Estímulo Bonifacio del Carril, Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes. Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires. 2008 Intervención Perímetro. Group show. Graphic work, workshop. City Bell, La Plata. Bienal Premio Federal 2008, Buenos Aires. 0221 La Plata Se Muestra – Touring show: San Telmo, Rosario, Córdoba. Premio Platt – Galería Isidro Miranda, Buenos Aires. 2007 LII Salón de Artes Plásticas Manuel Belgrano. Museo Eduardo Sívori, Buenos Aires. XXIX Salón Nacional de Pintura Fernán Félix Amador, Luján. Gran Premio Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires – Painting, Buenos Aires. Salón Regional de Pintura, Fundación Avon. Región Mariquita Sánchez. Museo Municipal de Arte “Ángel Maria de Rosa”. Junín, Buenos Aires province. 2002 Premio Palais de Glace a Nuevos Pintores, Buenos Aires. Solo show, Museo de Bellas Artes Bonaerense, La Plata. 2000 Salón Nacional de Artes Plásticas 2000, Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires. Premio Palais de Glace a Nuevos Pintores 2000, McDonald’s, Buenos Aires. 


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