K 27141 tesoro 80 x 80 cm

Verónica Virasoro

K 26600
K 27134 Mariana 150 x 150 cm
k 26211
K 26210


The best the artist now known to express an ambition, into image an intention, there sensaciony choose the topic that will be defined, challenging the wisdom of the beholder. This will rebuild your imagination and assume the role of naive reader or acute. Veronica Virasoro works are, at first glance, the feeling of great paintings-drawings for comic whose narrative has been interrupted and that shows only the beginning, hoping that the parable is not interrupted recirrido in the sample until it is finally unveiled. But not, as she works on the threshold of the text, emphasizing the two genuine means of their work that are drawing and color.
The drawing, as Ingres said, is the probity of art and Virasoro work is so honest that does not stop or hesitate, it is straightforward, clean, clear and simple and naive as it slowly guess the trap: first us into a world and ambiguous images and tense, kind and ironic. It is here where the mystery is revealed, she narrates the picture, not the innocent possible history in which we were surprised at first look, the cat, the stone or the boot, while attractive, long for the glory of LI line, which is his pride and where they never will.
The fabrics are coated with beautiful color drawings also produce another speech, or a simple text acting alone, imposing a second look on the one hand drawing and legitimize the other is revealed in all its immanence.
The drawing and color, these are the two dimensions where the artist plays with pasiony talent. Behold virtue.

Hugo Petruschansky


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1980. Studies 2008 National Scolarship for audiovisual media. Fondo Nacional de las Artes 2006 Art Workshop by Sergio Bazán/ artists focus group cordinated by “ Estudio 13”, General Roca, Río Negro, Argentina.
 2004/2005 Contemporary Art Theory and Critic by Hugo Petruschansky
 2000/2005 Visual art Workshop by Sergio Bazán. Solo Exhibitions 2011 Fantasy, Praxis International Art, Buenos Aires 2009 Acuario, Praxis International Art, Buenos Aires
 2008 El Rey, Praxis International Art, Buenos Aires
 2007 Prima íntima, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires
 2004 Untitled, La Casona de los Olivera, Buenos Aires
 2004 Al fondo de mi, Diseño Líquido, Buenos Aires Group Exhibitions 2008 Platt Prize, Galería Isidro Miranda, Buenos Aires
 2008 Praxis international Art, Miami, Estados Unidos 
2007/2008 Andreani Foundation Prize, Salta Contemporary art museum. Provincial Fine Arts Museum Dr. Juan Ramón Vidal, Corrientes. Recoleta Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires. Juan B. Castagnino Museum, Rosario, Santa Fe.
2007 Contemporánea Vertientes - Pintura, Praxis International Art, Buenos Aires
2007 La Casona en el Recoleta – Recoleta Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires
2006 Un proyecto –artists from Neuquén and Buenos Aires - General Roca, Río Negro
2006 Fervor 145: Sofía Bohtlingk, Victoria Musotto, Agustina Nuñez, Mercedes Perez San Martín, Mariana Vidal, Verónica Virasoro – Borges Cultural Centre , Buenos Aires
2005 Project A Contemporary Art Prize - Buenos Aires
2003 Banco Ciudad Foundation Prize for Visual Arts, MNBA, Buenos Aires
2003 Fourtell: María Fernanda Cardoso, Gilda Mantilla, Matilde Marín, Verónica Virasoro, Liliana Porter, Marguerite Day, Sandra Ramos, Geysell Capetillo - Casas Riegner Gallery, Miami, Estados Unidos
2002 Banco Ciudad Foundation Prize for Visual Arts, MNBA, Buenos Aires
2002 "13b" (travelling exhibition) – Posadas Museum of Fine Arts, Misiones; 
Resistencia Museum of Fine Arts, Chaco; La Plata Fine Arts Museum, Buenos Aires; Recoleta Cultural Centre, Buenos Aires