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Jorge Miño


THE DREAMS OF MATTER By Ana Martínez Quijano In this series of photographs, Jorge Miño exhibits the stark contrasts of contemporary megacities: a solid and stable city stands against a changing city that tends to dematerialize. These images focus on the sensorial qualities of materials; in them, attraction to the real often bows down to an interest in geometrical abstraction. Miño brings hundreds of images back from his travels, and then chooses the ones lacking in distinctive elements that would make them identifiable. This absence is closely bound to other qualities in these images. The framing reveals strange architectures, while the light places emphasis on textures, the sensuality of the surfaces. The urban landscape becomes ripe terrain for quiet contemplation, though the meaning of the image does not reside in what it represents or evokes but rather in the image itself; its purpose is tied to visual questions and the passage of time. There is a still city, built with the austerity and rigor of concrete. The vision of these basic forms makes us imagine what might remain standing in a future of desolation. Curves flow in the hollows of some of these constructions, hollows accentuated by evanescent white and a spectrum of dark grays. One powerful image shows a roof made from enormous concrete cubes. The drawing formed by the structure’s lines guides our vision, taking it towards an illusory vortex. Though the vanishing point lies outside the composition, the eye seeks it out. The attraction of the perfect mono-focal perspective is heightened by the power of rough materials. The overhead perspective of the boxed-in architecture gives the photograph a monumental quality. The lens is the eye of a sculptor. In stark contrast we can make out ghostly presences; staircases that come apart amidst deceptive reflections and gleams. Caught in a timeless space like a dream, the images show the memory of what they have been and a glimpse of what they will be, while the present eludes us. The sense of motion in the hypnotic landscape strains the visibility of the object, which tends to disappear. The loss of forms clashes with the analytical vision of static constructions, and things cease to be eternal in a universe that has shattered into a thousand pieces. “Nothing is certain except change itself,” states Marshall Berman, and then goes on to quote Marx when he says, “All that is solid melts into air.” Made from paradox and confrontation, Miño’s photographs focus on the tensions of the world today.


Born in the province of Corrientes in 1973, Argentina Training 1990-1993 Painting Workshop Szlimowicz Ahuva 1997-1998 Photo workshop taught by Alejandro Kuropatwa Photography workshop with Martin Weber 2003 / 04 Clinic photographic image and idea Alberto Goldenstein 2004 / Clinic contemporary art with Fabiana Barreda Clinic urban landscape with Nacho Iasparra Workshop with Pablo Vargas Lugo (Malba-Jumex) 2005 / Intercampos Programme, Fundación Telefónica, Buenos Aires 2009 / Reinaldo Ladaga, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella Awards 2010 / Bank Itau Argentina (3 * Award) National Salon (mention of jury) 2007/ Salon Nacional de Rosario, Museo Castagnino (1 * Award) 2006 / Photography and Science, Centro Cultural Recoleta (2 * Prize) 2005 / Selection, Petrobras Award ArteBA Exhibitions Individual 2010 / Break the silence, Galeria Moro, Chile. 2009 / Different Future, Galeria Ernesto Catena. Forms own, Museum of Architecture of the City of Buenos Aires 2007 / feet only, Galería Ernesto Catena 2005 / Photo, School of Psychology, City of Buenos Aires 2004 / Mechanisms, Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center Photo Gallery Collective 2010 / MIA-ART .FAIR, Fiftyone Dot Gallery, Miami, USA, "halftime" Rojas Cultural Center, "Precarious" Centro Cultural Rojas. 2009 / "The future is not what it was," OSDE Foundation / ArteBA, Galería Ernesto Catena, ArteBA / Gallery Juan Pablo Moro, Chile, Fundacion Andreani.Premio prize selection II "Federico Klemm" 2008 / AAMC. Córdoba Province Caraffa Museum / Galreria Isidrio Miranda, Premio Platt. Award Roggio / Deloitte Foundation, Argentina .At the same time, Zavaleta Lab Gallery, Argentina. MACO.Art Fair (Mexico) Moro Gallery. ArteBA 2008, Galería Ernesto Catena Argentina, Moro Gallery, Chile.Moro Gallery / Artists Argentinos / Santiago de Chile. 2007 / Ghost in the machine, dpm Gallery, Guayaquil, Ecuador. ArteBA 2007, Argentina Torrejón Gallery Dabbah. MACO Art Fair 2007, Dabbah Torrejón Gallery, Mexico City. Contemporary Art Biennial of Bahia Blanca.“The art of elegante”, Elsi del Rio Gallery. “Modernity lost”, Alliance Francaise. Bs As Argentina. Buenos Aires Photo, Gallery of Contemporary Photography Erensto Catena,Bs As Argentina. 2006 / XI Federico Klemm Award. Burodijkstra Gallery Art Gallery, Rotterdam Holand. Ttrip Area, 15th edition arteBA. National Salon of Visual Arts, Bs As Argentina. Chandon Salon, Museum of Contemporary Art in Salta. Isidoro Miranda Gallery.III Salon de Arte Fundación OSDE. Buenos Aires Photo, Gallery Dabbah Torrejón Bs As. 15 x 15, Praxis Gallery, Miami 2005 / Panoramix 05, Fundación Proa bs As, Argentina.15 x 15, Galería Praxis. Salon II OSDE Foundation for the Visual Arts. 2004 / National Hall, Palais de Glace Bs As Argenitna. Chandon Salon, Museum Caraffa, Argenitna.Photography II, Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires,Argenitna. Hall for the Visual Arts, Space OSDE Foundation. Horizontal landscape, Open Studio 2004 (passage Barolo)Bs As, Argentina. Toys, Zabaleta Lab Gallery, Buenos Aires Argentina. 2003 / Curriculm 0, Galeria Ruth Benzacar, Buenos Aires Argentina.