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María Berrio

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María Berrio’s Dreams By Carlos Padrón

Berrio’s imagery creates a transitional state where our ordinary consciousness is imbued by such stuff as dreams but also myths are made of. Her works are works of love: Eros, erotic, a mediation between the visible and the invisible, between the bluntness of pieces of matter and the supernal that is the space of individual and collective transcendence. There is an interplay between (historical, spatial, temporal, psychic, ontological) remoteness and intimacy that allows for the emergence of the sacred in her works. Berrio is absolute austerity and absolute wealth, or the austere wealth of myths and dreams. In Dreams, her careful and laborious assemblage of torn pieces of paper coming from all over the globe, but only to be found in this worldly and imaginary crossroads that is New York City, can be thought of as a way of continuing her re-valuing of drawing as the sacred space and time of myths and dreams. The dream-work brings together these residues so as to both conceal and reveal the nature of our innermost longings, producing symbols. Berrio’s new pieces, which are not collages, can be thought of as dream-works which produce symbolic surfaces that resemble fabrics and patterns that both reveal and conceal the materials of which they are made. In this way torn flowers, butterflies, strawberries, fish, all sorts of patterns, are delicately and fragilely sustained within the contours of shapes of female dancers dancing and celebrating the circle of life and perhaps oblivion, female figures with elephant heads sleeping on a bed, which at the same time they themselves are (as if they were both content and form of whatever they represent), female figures on horses surrounded by butterflies over a fish-pond, female figures with butterflies leaving their heads, etc. These shapes seem to both hold together and be ripped by the pieces of which they are made, just like dreams do.


Born in Bogota, Colombia,1982
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY


BFA   2004 Parsons School of design, New York City.

MFA   2007 School of Visual Arts, New York City.
2002   Metamorphosis, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, New York
2003 Confusion, Galleria Casa Cuadrada, Bogota, Colombia
2003 We may see the wind together, Florida International University, Miami, Florida
2005 Art Fusion, Parsons School of Design, New York

2006 Cuero’s, Galleria La Pared, Bogota, Colombia
2007 The Sims in the Hands of the artists, Chelsea Art Museum, New York
2007 Secret Lives, Art Directors Club Gallery, New York
 2011 Colorin Colorado, Praxis International Gallery, New York

 2011 The Book show, School of Visual Arts Gallery, New York

 2009 Thesis Show, School of Visual Arts Gallery, New York

 2009 Home is were the heart is, the tree lamas gallery, Brooklyn, New York

 2009 Miami Thinkers, Martian gallery, Art Basel Miami, Florida

 2010   Friends of friends, Garfo art center, Salt Lake City.
 2010 Wall bought, the loading duck gallery, Brooklyn New York

 2010 The last supper saloon, Third Ward, Brooklyn, New York

 2010 One year retrospective, Kokoro studio, San Francisco
 2011 Blue and green gallery, Vermont

 2011    Art Barter, New York, New York

 2011    The Last Supper Saloon, Brooklyn, NY

 2011    The Arquitecture of Devotion, Brooklyn, NY
 2011 Two year retrospective, Kokoro studio, San Francisco, CA


 2006 Mama, The Read gallery, Brooklyn, New York

 2008 Luz, Sensei Gallery, New York

 2009 Between humans and animals, Kokoro Gallery, San Francisco

 2010 Installation, Dessert Island, Brooklyn New York

 2009 Public Mural with City arts.
          Location: 333 East 100th Street Ground Floor NY, NY 

 2011 Public Mural with Creative Arts Workshops
         Location: 137-west Harlem, NY, NY

 2011 Scenic Design for Cinderella – Miami Children’s theatre. Miami FL